Web development Pakistan

Web development, as opposed to web design, works out to be a comprehensive term. It includes everything that brings a website to life. It also includes a number of applications that need to be put in place. This would make the website optimally functional. This is why web development includes a wide range of activities. This ends with the hosting of the website. It includes website design, website content development. In addition script for client side and server side to make the website responsive and dynamic, configuration for ensuring network security. In technical terms website development, includes proper coding and programming. This would enable the website to function as per the clients’ requirement. This makes website design just a subset of website development. In fact, website development deals more with the technical side aspect than the design aspect.

The website

The website may be a plain text page or a complex browser based application, Technologies used in website development could be split into database technology or server side coding

Technologies you need to learn

You need to learn a whole array of technologies such html 5, basics of html, how to insert tables etc. You also need to learn CSS and Java script. Additionally you need to learn PHP and MySQL. Both of these technologies need to make the website dynamic and website. Ecommerce websites are all built on the client-server technology of PHP and MySQL. This has tobe in line with the content of the website. As soon as the user clicks on or touches a data point, the current statistics emergeweb development Pakistan

PHP script

PHP could be very important if you really want to become a pro website developer. You need to master PHP and to do that you need to learn a whole array of PHP lessons, such as PHP String, PHP Switch, PHP Operators, PHP Arrays, PHP While Loops, PHP Forms. It would include PHP for Loops, PHP Error, PHP Secure E-mail, PHP Filter, PHP Exception etc. For becoming a good web development Pakistan professional you need to learn this script well.


You need to learn SQL by heart. The lesson must include SQL where, SQL select distinct,  SQL advanced, SQL order by, SQL and & or, SQL update, SQL insert into, SQL select top, SQL wildcards, SQL delete, SQL in, SQL like, SQL between, SQL inner join, SQL aliases, SQL right join, SQL left join etc.

You Also need to learn jQuery and javascript. You cannot become a true web development Pakistan professional without learning Ajax, API, XML, exporting MySQL etc. You need to learn these lessons well, otherwise, you can hardly comprehend the lessons in advanced stages. In advanced stage you have to know what is Object oriented PHP. You would also need to learn about object and class and also learn methods and properties.

To conclude, from a business point of view the importance of web development cannot be something where attention cannot be given. Do get to the know the basic facts before going ahead. Once you do gain a hold of this basic aspect of a website, you can develop a website that really appeals to your audience. In the world of today the presence on the online platform works out to be something that you cannot ignore.